Help support the work of our parish


A huge thank you to those who continue to support the Parish via Automatic Payments (APs) – your generosity, especially in these difficult times, is most appreciated. For those who have recently changed to the AP system – thank you.
We realise that many will no longer be able to contribute financially because of your own personal circumstances. For those who are able, the best way make your offering is by AP.
The parish bank details are:
Bank: BNZ
Account Name: RC Bishop of Hamilton Taupo Parish
Bank account: 02 0342 0050032 13


Payee details:
Particulars: your name
Code: PGN
Reference:your phone number/mobile number

OR if you need assistance with this, just ring the help line 027 521 9415 and we’ll contact you.

You can also donate by credit card here