Parish Vision

Parish Vision

Our parish is well known for its hospitality, active community and dynamic Sunday Masses.

The parish leadership team is passionate  about ensuring everyone who engages with Tongariro Catholic encounters God’s Irresistible Grace.

Belong – to our Parish Family

“Most people today neither join, stay or leave a Church because of belief or doctrine. …. but because of a sense of belonging, because of community.”

Divine Renovation Pg 139

We are intentional about:

Ensuring everyone is seen, known, heard and loved

Connect Groups

Welcoming new parishioners


Developing a culture of invitation

Behold – Jesus Christ Among Us

“Behold, I stand in awe before God.”

To NOTICE the love of Christ

in everything you see, hear, smell, taste and touch, and by doing so, grow in relationship with Him.

We are intentional about:

Helping people seek God

Creating joyful first impressions

Pathways to encounter Jesus

Experiencing the sacraments

Celebrating dynamic worship

Authentic prayer

Believe – in the beauty of Catholicism

“This is the will of my Father, that you should become my disciples.”

John 15:8

To become a follower of Jesus Christ is to be his disciple.  A disciple literally means “one who is learning”.

We are intentional about:

Using engaging resources

Supporting the curious enquirer

Developing inspiring programmes

Walking alongside each other

Become – Missionary Disciples of Christ

“Living no longer for ourselves but for Christ.” 2 Corinthians 5:15

We are intentional about:

Being the FACE of Christ

Being the VOICE of Christ

Being the HANDS of Christ

Being the HEART of Christ